Our Quality Policy

ISO 9001: 2015 to carry out the necessary improvements by constantly monitoring the effectiveness of the quality management system and to make the necessary improvements, to work towards increasing our Sunday share by closely following the developing technology, to be a business that stands out with its quality in the sector in which our company operates



We are committed.

Our Environmental Policy

As AK PLASTIK, our goal is to identify and control all kinds of effects that may cause negative damage to the environment and human health that will arise from our activities.
For this purpose, our company;

  • To prevent environmental pollution by continuously improving our environmental management system and its performance,

  • To comply with legal regulations and other obligations related to the environment,

  • Using raw material materials that are subject to recycling,

  • To minimize our waste by managing our processes effectively and efficiently,

  • To provide training to make our employees and subcontractor company personnel sensitive to environmental problems and to increase their awareness,

  • To manage the environmental impacts that may arise from all kinds of our activities with the awareness of social responsibility,

  • To help the development and dissemination of the best environmental solutions, applications, environmentally friendly technologies beyond legal obligations,

  • To provide support to all kinds of initiatives that will increase environmental awareness,

  • Taking into account the risks and opportunities related to the climate, to carry out activities aimed at combating the climate crisis and contributing to the transition to a low-carbon economy,

  • To apply sustainability approaches in all processes and product life cycle stages

  • It is committed to being an exemplary environmentally sensitive business in the field in which we operate.

general manager

Our Strategic Goals

  • To ensure the continuity of the system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standards

  • Process to realize the effectiveness of applications 100%

  • To realize the number of continuous work accidents of our workplace as (0)

  • To increase the training per person in the organization by 10%.

  • To visit at least 2 fairs related to our sector and to open a stand

  • To realize our customer satisfaction as 100%

  • Reducing customer refund rates by at least another 10%

  • To make production with the latest technology on all machines